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PinkTie1000 Spokesman

Jim will be the spokesperson for the firm’s charity organization PinkTie.org | Business Professionals Networking for a Cause. Pink Tie was founded on the idea of bringing sports, networking and charity together; creating an atmosphere of excitement where people can meet and do business all the while coming together for a great cause. There is no one better to promote these ideals than Jim Leyritz – a real homerun for the 1st Equity / Pink Tie family!

Member Benefits:

    cuts $100,000 check to a different charity each quarter.
    Charities are nominated by PinkTie1000 members.
  • 100% RULE
    Our rule is 100% of your donations will go directly to charity
    Become a part of the fastest growing charitable organization on Long Island.
  • It’s unbelievable; I’ve made a lot of business contacts by being involved in this event and have been continuing to grow my business with the contacts I made
    Kelvin Joseph
    CFO Steiner Sports
  • Sponsoring PinkTie.org has been a great help to our company, we’ve met many people and made a lot of connections, and we’re doing a much higher volume than we did before.
    Danny Pisani
    Contour Mortgage
  • If we can keep raising awareness, we can help people stop breast cancer, before it’s too late.
    Jim Leyritz,
    NY Yankees
  • I’ve heard about this organization quite a while ago. They do terrific work and have terrific support.
    Bobby Nystrom
    NY Islanders
  • This is just the beginning. We plan to raise millions of dollars, every single year. People want to be part of something big and this is something big.
    Joe Moshe
    Charles Rutenberg
  • So many people that I love have battled breast cancer. I’m happy to support. I was here last year and it has quadrupled in size.
  • I’ve been to a lot of events in my time, and this is absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen so many people in one place.
    Steve Bellone
    Suffolk County Executive
  • I support a lot of causes and events but tonight has to be one of the greatest of them all.
    Ottis “OJ” Anderson
    Super Bowl Champion NY Giants